Protect your trademark!


Unlike most of our competitors, we’re laser-focused on just one thing...

Weekly monitoring of new trademark filings for trademarks similar to your own.

Our service includes Direct Matching, Phonetic Matching, Approximate Matching, Custom Match, and Class Weighting weekly (with a discount if you’ve just registered your trademark. See below).

Plus, in addition to monitoring for confusingly similar trademark filings, Trademark Safeguard will watch for domain name registrations in the domain name zone databases for cyber-squatters. You will be notified in the weekly email report of potentially conflicting domain name registrations — and be able to generate a trademark or domain name violation form letter from the Trademark Safeguard reporting system.

You can customize the reports you receive from us and you can access them anywhere you can get an internet connection.

There are no variances in our level of service. You either have our protection or you don’t.

When you consider the cost of hiring a legal team to do this for you, or the cost of hiring one of our competitors to charge you the same (or higher) fee for LESS protection, well our service is quite a bargain.

Did you just register your trademark within the last 30 days?

Great news for you! We offer a 15% discount for all newly registered trademarks. RIGHT NOW is the time to enroll in our popular program to take advantage of this.