Automated Trademark Monitoring

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We monitor US Patent and Trademark Office Filings

Approximately 5,000 trademarks are filed each week. The risk of these trademark filings potentially infringing on yours is bigger than you think, and it is ultimately your responsibility to contest infringing trademarks. Our proprietary search engine and algorithm monitors all trademark filings without any user interaction and will alert you whenever relevant matches are found.

Contesting a trademark after it is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office is a long-drawn and expensive legal affair. Trademark Safeguard allows you to act on possible trademarks that infringe your own before they get registered.

Trademark Matches

We even track domain name registrations relevant to your trademark

Domain names registered that are very similar to your trademark can be very confusing for your customers and ultimately take away qualified traffic from reaching your brand's official site.

Domain squatters are known to exploit this by registering domains and holding them hostage, jacking up the price and selling them to legitimate brands and trademark owners like yourself.

Trademark Safeguard monitors domain name registrations and alerts you whenever a relevant match is detected so you can take action earlier.

Trademark Matches

What you get with our powerful trademark monitoring service

  • Icon-direct-match
    Direct Matching

    We notify you of any direct word matches to your mark.

  • Icon-phonetic
    Phonetic Matching

    "Brooks" and "Brukes" will match. "Loop" and "Loupe" will match. "Life" and "Lihfe" will match. We make sure deceptive sound-alike marks don't get past your radar. We also perform approximate matching, so words that differ within 1-2 characters will be reported to you.

  • Icon-custom
    Custom Match

    We can customize the match algorithm to your needs. Want to match for any mark that starts with "Mc"? We can do that for you. Any language expression can be put into our system for you. Contact us with your mark for more information and some examples.

  • Icon-class
    Class Weighting

    Even though we search all classes, there are a few classes for which an infringing mark would cause the most damage. We highlight trademarks in these classes in your match results.

  • Icon-domain
    Domain Name Registrations

    We notify you when a domain name that matches your trademark is registered.

Protect Your Brand
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